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Tokyo Art Tank

Nov27 – Dec3 at Gallery Conceal Shibuya

My legs bothered you this Wednesday.

Description of exhibits 解説

東京を拠点にアーティスト活動をしているMay Drewです。この度はTokyo Art Tank Vol.10 へのご来場、そして私の作品に興味を示していただきありがとうございます。

今回、「My legs bothered you this Wednesday.」



Welcome to Tokyo Art Tank Vol.10.
Thank you for showing interest in my work.
I am May Drew, a Tokyo based artist.

At the venue, I am exhibiting work using acrylic stucco for the first time under the title “My legs bothered you this Wednesday.”

It expresses society’s discomfort with the female figure and the negative attitudes that women must face on a daily basis.
Please feel free to ask me about the exhibits.

With love,



Art project; LOVEBEING

Your support is needed!

Lovebeing is an art project that May and two other artists started in July 2023. It aims to remind you to spread love to one another and take care of yourself.

At their very first art event, May showcased graphic pieces of three significant people who always inspire her when needed. Aretha Franklin(the queen of the soul), Yoko Ono(the great artist who advocated for world peace), Matsuko Deluxe(the columnist with a big heart).

Their first event held at Ebisu, Tokyo was successful with over 48 guests. Guests enjoyed various art forms, including graphic arts, photography, and original songs that expressed the essence of ‘LOVEBEING’. Their next goal is to have a tour in Malaysia in 2024. If you know anyone interested in supporting this endeavor, please reach out to us.