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When we dream together,
we make a new reality.
-Yoko Ono

May Drew

A Tokyo-based artist.
May aims to empower women with her digital graphics and hemp yarn art.
Her art career started in 2020. She took a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic to draw inspiration from Japan’s social and cultural issues. The pieces often capture women’s strong and graceful energy.


Yosuke Ota

After being truant from high school in Japan, he spent six months in the jungle on the island of Borneo, Malaysia. He then entered a university in the country, where he worked freelance, focusing on photography, videography, illustration which have been a part of him since childhood. Fascinated by capturing the natural “emotions” and “personalities” of people, he specializes mainly in street and event photography.
He also focuses on video production, such as directing music videos for artists and promotional videos for restaurants and hotels. He is now based in Tokyo, Japan.



Recently relocated to Singapore, currently thinking about her next step. Through singing, writing and creating, she hopes to uplift others and let them know they’re not alone.
Life is short, do what you want to do!



We are pleased to present an exhibition entitled ‘LOVEBEING’ at Ebisu 2-4-2 on Saturday, July 29, 2023.

The title of the exhibition is a synthesized term of ‘Spread LOVE’ and ‘Well-BEING’. The artists; Cherusee, Yosuke Ota, and May Drew exhibit works on subjects with a connection to a book by Yoko Ono; ‘今あなたに知ってもらいたいこと(2009)’.

Join us to ‘spread love’ and explore the nature of ‘wellbeing’.

3名の若手アーティストによる展示会: LOVEBEING では、オノヨーコの著書を主題とした 歌、写真、グラフィック作品の展示を行います。

近頃の私たちは 他者そして自身との心地よい関わ りかたをようやく模索し始めたように思います。



Schedule a Visit!

2-4-2 Ebisu Shibuya Tokyo

Sat, July 29, 2023

¥1500(a drink included)

Behind the scenes