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May Drew


A Tokyo-based artist.
May aims to empower women with her digital graphics and hemp yarn art. Her art career started in 2020. She took a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic to draw inspiration from Japan’s social and cultural issues. The pieces often capture women’s strong and graceful energy.

主にグラフィックアート、麻を用いた立体画を創作。「インク ルージョン/共生」を軸とし、女性の尊厳や平等など自身の経




Solo exhibition; May Drew​展
Koenji, Tokyo

The first solo exhibition was held at Atari Gallery
Cafe & Bar in Koenji, Tokyo. It took place for 2
weeks and 26 people visited to see her artwork.
4 out of 7 pieces were sold at the gallery.


Solo exhibition; 
May Drew展 ~Don’t Baby Me ~

Nozawa, Setagaya, Tokyo

The second solo exhibition was held at United
Cafe in Nozawa, Setagaya, Tokyo.
It went successfully; 76 guests visited at the
reception party. It was the very first time for May
to set a theme on feminism. The book
‘生きるためのフェミニズム’ by a Japanese
sociologist; Kaori Katada was referenced.

第二回目の個展では副題「Don’t Baby Me」を掲げ
が来場した。May Drewの表現活動の転機となる展

Talk show/exhibition; Safer Space展
Shibuya, Tokyo

The talk show was hosted with the cooperation of
Shibuya Valley; a non-profit community based in
the central Shibuya. Dr. Kaori Katada(Sociologist),
Ken Sugihara(Jewery Designer),
Shuhei(Love&Equality), and May Drew presented a
discussion based on ‘Safer Space’.

​トークショー「Safer Space展」を渋谷バレーと主
催した。堅田香織(社会福祉学者)、杉原賢(ジュエ リーデザイナー)、Shuhei(歩くLove&Equality)、May Drewが登壇。

Ebisu, Tokyo

LOVEBEING, an art project inspired by Yoko Ono’s
‘What I Want You to Know Now’ was presented by
Cherusee(a singer), Yosuke Ota(a photographer)
and May Drew. Rooted in the ethos of spreading love
and self-care, LOVEBEING blends photography,
graphic art, and songs. Their inaugural exhibition
in Tokyo’s Ebisu drew 48 guests. Their next milestone
is an exhibition in Malaysia next year.

アートプロジェクト LOVEBEINGを始動し、


Next exhibition…

Tokyo ART TANK vol.10

November 27 to December 3
At Gallery Conceal Shibuya

Head on over to Gallery Conceal Shibuya and dive into Tokyo’s underground art world. This free event gives you the chance to mingle with the city’s most talented creatives while also taking in the surrounding artwork on display.

A message from Tokyo Art Tank:

Amid the chill of winter, we invite you to immerse yourself in the warmth of artistic expression. Join us for an unforgettable week as we unveil a curated selection of artworks by 26 incredibly talented underground artists, each bringing their unique styles and perspectives to Tokyo Art Tank vol 10, including our special guest artist, John Gebbia from the USA.

Revel in a diverse array of artistic mediums and styles, from abstract to realist, from impressionist to contemporary, and from graffiti to popsick. Let your senses be inspired and your spirits be uplifted by the beauty of art against the backdrop of Tokyo’s wintry season.